the competition

Introducing the Trick 17 Stop Motion Film Competition! An event to challenge you to control the chaos one frame at a time.

Trick 17 is a European phrase used to describe a solution to a problem that no one else thought of, is the least likely to work, and is therefore totally unexpected. This competition is all about compromise and surprise - the Trick 17.

Stop Motion is a generic term for an animation technique which makes static objects appear to move. The art is more than 100 years old, yet is used to this day in Oscar-winning films like Wallace and Gromit the National Film Board's The Neighbours and the original Star Wars trilogy. It works by shooting a single frame of an object, moving the object slightly, then shooting another frame. When the film runs continuously, the illusion of fluid movement is created with limitless possibilities.


Teams will be provided with an Inspiration Package on opening day containing a letter to the team, info sheet for completion, rules, Top Secret Category & Theme, 2 blank DVD's, category gift and a weekend license for iStopMotion software

the rules
1_ Films must be between 1-3 minutes in duration
2_ Films must be written, shot, edited and submitted by 9:00pm, Sunday November 16th
3_ 2 DVD copies submitted with completed info sheet
4_ All provided materials in the Inspiration Package must be integrated into the film
5_ Teams are free to film on any format
the prizes

best picture

best production design

best editing

best use of category and theme

most creative


All winners will receive iStopMotion PRO software package.

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